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Equipment Financing or Leasing Program

It is difficult for any business to function without the right tools and equipment. For example, a gym needs such equipment as treadmills, weights and stair masters to function. A printing house needs printers, scanners & printing machines to be effective. PTO Business Credit will help any company obtain equipment financing that could be used to purchase needed and essential equipment for proper business functions. Financing solutions to obtain equipment such as commercial ovens, desks, shelves and displays, vehicles, and manufacturing equipment to name a few.

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Healthcare Financing

If you are ready to purchase a medical facility, expanding your own practice, PTO Business Credit has the financing solution for you. Our team of financial professionals will work with you to achieve your business goals and be successful. We provide healthcare small business loans to doctors, dentists, chiropractors, nursing practitioners, veterinarians just to name a few. Our personalized financing solution and professional support services will help your organization grow.

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Business to Consumer Financing

The success of any business largely depends on good business customer relations. This relationship can be better when your customers can afford to pay for your products and/or services. With the help of PTO Business Credit you can now offer to your customers base consumer financing payment option. This will be an added value to your customer which will translate to increased productivity for your customer and your business. Everyone wins.

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SBA Loans

Small business ownership can be stressful and often leads to sleepless nights of wondering how or if there is enough capital to cover day to day financial need of a growing operations. Some, in an effort to ensure financial stability have considered selling off equity in their company. This option might provide the financial relief you are looking for but, it may also usher bring outside influences into your company. Influences and values that may not compatible with the dreams and goals of the company you have worked so hard for.

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