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Commercial Real Estate Financing

There is a wide array of commercial real estate loans which includes but not limited to a permanent loan which is used for purchase and refinance of commercial real estate, stated income loan, take out loans, conduit loans. PTO Business Credit is able to help you with financing options for your unique projects.

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Bridge & hard money Loans

A bridge loan is designed to helps you through a period of monetary gap while you are between large business transactions; an example will be selling one property after you have purchased another. Our experienced team of professionals can help you acquire what you need to make it through those transactions.

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Fix & Flip Loans & Lines of Credit

PTO Business Credit is committed to helping entrepreneurs and commercial real estate investors by partnering with them and helping them secure the financing they need. Our relationship with lending partners with deep pockets plus our expertise and experience allows us the opportunity to help find you the capital for fix and flip projects.

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Large Project Financing

PTO Business Credit work with the largest banks and private lending partners nationwide to help streamline the development financing process for our clients with large development projects. We offer some of the most comprehensive funding solutions that majority of businesses are not able to secure through a traditional bank.

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